Fresno to Oklahoma City Oklahoma Auto Transport

The Top Three Most Often Used Services In The Auto Transport Industry

Open Shipment

In general, open auto transport to and from Fresno is the most often utilized car shipment service. It is also the most recognizable of the lot because everyone has seen at least one of these while driving along the interstate (they have two decks and carry 8-10 vehicles at a time). An open shipping carrier is the most popular type of carrier, which means that anyone can book one at any time of year and that there will nearly always be one accessible to them. It is recommended that you call one week in advance to obtain a position on a carrier that is most convenient for your schedule, just as it is with most other car shipping to and from Fresno services.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed automobile shipment is the second most often utilized service after open car shipping. The reason they are not ranked first is since they are slightly more expensive than open auto transport to and from Fresno. Enclosed services are exactly what they sound like: they are completely enclosed. These are still double-decked and can accommodate 6-8 vehicles, but the people who choose enclosed car transportation typically have higher-end automobiles (exotic and luxury brands). The reason for this is that open transportation exposes the automobiles to a variety of weather and road conditions, and someone who owns a high-end vehicle will not want to take the chance of having their car soiled or having its paint scratched. However, just because you have a “commuter car” does not rule out the possibility of using covered car shipping to and from Fresno. There are plenty of people who would be willing to pay a little more to feel more secure in the knowledge that their automobile is protected from the elements.

Expedited Transportation

Due to two factors: the fact that most people were unaware that they existed and the fact that they are prohibitively expensive, expedited car shipping to and from Fresno services used to be the least popular. When it comes to expediting services, however, our auto transport company has seen a significant increase in revenue. Because they only have 1-3 vehicles on their trailers at any given time, expedited car moving services are the fastest in the auto transportation market. If you are interested in learning more essential information about auto transport to and from Fresno services, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.