Huntington Beach to Orlando Florida

Understanding The Basic Principles Of Enclosed Transportation Services

When compared to open carriers, enclosed vehicle transport to and from Huntington Beach often has longer pickup windows than open carriers. A few words about your pickup window: it is the period of time that will elapse between the time you place your auto shipping to and from Huntington Beach order and the time we find a carrier to deliver your vehicle. The pickup window for most automobiles that are to be sent on an open carrier is typically 3-5 days; pickup for vehicles that are to be shipped in enclosed conveyance can take anywhere from a week to 10 days on average. This is also due to the fact that there are fewer covered carriers on the road and that they serve fewer routes on average.

What is the cost of enclosed transportation?

Auto shipping with an enclosed trailer can cost anywhere from 30 percent to 65 percent more than vehicle transport to and from Huntington Beach with an open trailer, and with good cause. Transport trucks with enclosed compartments can accommodate anything from one to eight automobiles. “Soft Enclosed” trailers for 7- 8 cars are available, whereas “Hard Enclosed” trailers for 1-6 cars are available. Designed to keep your car protected from the elements, trucks are a great choice. Vehicles of high worth, custom sports cars, and anything else that shouldn’t be exposed to the elements while auto shipping to and from Huntington Beach are often transported in enclosed transport trailers (ETT). It helps to keep your vehicle safe from the elements such as rain, ice, and other substances that can dirty or damage your vehicle.

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