Newport Beach to Indiana Auto Transport

Why It Is Necessary To Remove Any Personal Belongings From Your Vehicle Prior To Shipping

In the absence of specific instructions from your representative, all personal belongings must be removed from your vehicle prior to car shipping to and from Newport Beach. If you have been given permission to transport personal belongings in your vehicle during auto transport to and from Newport Beach, please be aware that personal belongings are not covered by insurance and are therefore transported at your own risk. They are not permitted to obstruct any windows or to be on, near, or in the vicinity of the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat.

Vehicle emergency kits, first aid safety kits, and booster cables are examples of items that are exempt from the above-mentioned personal items policy; these items are permitted to remain in your vehicle during car shipping to and from Newport Beach. During the loading and unloading of your vehicle, the items listed above must be secured and must not obstruct the driver’s ability to perform his or her duties. These items, like any other personal belongings permitted, are not insured during the auto transport to and from Newport Beach process.

Neither inside nor outside of the vehicle may be used any flammable or explosive fluids, nor may they be affixed to the vehicle’s exterior. We ask that you please remove any valuables from your vehicle including sunglasses, car chargers, spare change, and so on. All of these procedures will be extremely beneficial to your car shipping to and from Newport Beach. If you skip these steps, it will have a significant impact on your shipment and may result in you having to pay an additional amount of money. If you are interested in learning more essential information about auto transport to and from Newport Beach services, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.