Palmdale to Houston Texas Auto Shipping

Car Shipment Insurance From Your Transporter

All auto transport to and from Palmdale companies are required by law to provide insurance for your vehicle during transit. But the policies offered by each seller are different. Car insurance coverage, for example, may only cover the vehicle while it is on the truck, and not when it is being loaded or unloaded. It’s possible that it won’t provide protection if the vehicle is parked at the terminal. In most cases, these car shipping to and from Palmdale policies don’t cover anything you leave in your vehicle, either. The only way to get compensation for a lost or stolen valued item is to purchase additional insurance or have your current policy cover it.

Insuring a vehicle with your current coverage

Depending on the terms of your current insurance policy, your vehicle may be covered while car shipping to and from Palmdale. Consult your insurance provider to see if damage to your vehicle while shipping is covered by your policy. As an alternative, the insurance company may offer to upgrade your policy in order to fill in any coverage gaps that may result in future costs. As part of your research, you should inquire about the contents of your car during auto transport to and from Palmdale and whether or not your insurance policy has a restriction on the amount of damage it covers. The ability to get a damaged collector car fixed without having to foot the bill is critical if you’re shipping one.

Measures to safeguard yourself

Taking a few proactive actions to minimize the risk of damage to your vehicle while car shipping to and from Palmdale is a good idea. Before loading the vehicle into the truck, you’ll want to remove any loose things. These things may shift during transit, causing damage to the interior of your vehicle, and the carrier’s insurance may not cover the damage. Make sure that the shipping method you choose provides the protection your vehicle requires. As an example, if you’re transporting a rare car, a covered trailer is a better option. As a result, you may not need as much insurance and save money if your insurance company demands a large premium. Finally, perform a pre-possession inspection and identify any new flaws you notice. In order to attribute damages to the carrier, you must complete this step. You’re probably accountable for any damage to your vehicle after you leave the terminal. If you wish to obtain additional information regarding auto transport to and from Palmdale services, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our dependable representatives here at Auto Shipping California by calling us at 800-901-6452.