San Diego to Arkansas Auto Shipping

Two Payment Methods In The Vehicle Shipping Industry

Payment in Advance

Even if the majority of carriers accept COD payments, some will require payment in advance. This request is justified by the need to pay auto transport to and from San Diego costs, but it is primarily a means of ensuring that their service will be reimbursed. Depending on the carrier, upfront deposit fees will vary from ten to fifty percent, but they should not exceed fifty percent. We advise our clients to avoid using a carrier that requires full payment up front or a deposit of more than half of the total vehicle transport to and from San Diego cost. You should also be able to rest assured that your payment will only be processed once the service has been completed and your car has arrived safely at its destination.

Cash on Delivery

When it comes to the financial arrangement with their clients, auto transport to and from San Diego companies often prefer to have a little more assurance, which is why they may need cash on pick-up. When your vehicle is selected for vehicle transport to and from San Diego, you will make a deposit, which will provide the carrier with all of the necessary services to complete the delivery. Of course, this eliminates the promise that a customer will only have to pay for the car moving service after it is completed.

The Cost of a Carrier for Auto Transport

Customers are more likely to trust a shipper that does not need upfront payment or uses cash on delivery rather than cash on pick-up, for example. However, it would be unreasonable to judge a company’s credibility solely on the basis of payment. Many carriers are small companies established by drivers who feel they can boost the auto transport to and from San Diego service they provide. Any missed payment can have a significant impact on an auto transporter who has just started their company or isn’t yet well-established on the market. An upfront payment allows these small, local carriers to keep the standard of their vehicle transport to and from San Diego service as high as possible. They will have to cover the costs of their car moving service in advance before they have grown old enough. Consult now with Auto Shipping California to arrange your vehicle transport requirements.