Annapolis Maryland to Texas Auto Shipping

Responding To The Most Common Auto Transport Customer Queries

Is it better for me to be at the pick-up or drop-off location?

It isn’t necessary for it to be you. You should still ask a mate to be your agent and collect the car if you are unavailable at the time of pick-up or delivery. This is such that the vehicle can be inspected as it is picked up by the auto transport to and from San Diego service provider and sent to its designated place. This would shield both you and the shipper in the event that the car is damaged when auto shipping to and from San Diego.

How Long Does It Take To Expedite The Transaction?

The path to be traveled is the most important factor in determining how long the auto shipping to and from San Diego operation takes. And, if either the pick-up or distribution location is not on a main shipping road, the time it takes to move the goods would be affected. When you get a quotation for auto transport to and from San Diego, it should also provide an estimated delivery period.

Do You Have A US DOT License?

Always make sure to ask for a company’s US DOT number, since this will help you validate their validity. Licenses will be posted to a decent and respectable firm’s site or will be explicitly connected to FMCSA. You can also review the Better Business Bureau’s ranking for their auto transport to and from San Diego operation. Look for impartial feedback by third parties, such as Google Reviews. Checking with the FMCSA is the only way to ensure that the auto shipping to and from San Diego business is credited. Simply inquire for their credit card number and contact them. To learn more about auto transport, please visit or call the representatives here at Auto Shipping California.