Open Carrier Auto Shipping

American Auto Shipping has profound expertise in open carrier auto shipping. It is one of the most popular choices for shipping your vehicle from one place to another. If your car belongs to the medium-range or low-range, or if you need to move shorter distances, you can choose open carrier mode for auto shipping. One of the biggest advantages of this method is the low cost. However, an open carrier may not always be the best choice – it is best to speak to our dedicated shipping consultants before you move ahead and make a choice. 

Stay informed with the American Auto Shipping

One of our biggest plus points is that we communicate every detail to our customers before decision-making.  There are no hidden policies here – no last-minute surprises! Information about the pros and cons of the open carrier auto shipping method is shared with you to know beforehand the choices well.  An open carrier is cost-effective, but it also leaves your car exposed to varied elements. There are certain ways to protect your car in this regard, too – for example, you can ask for a top load that prevents flying debris from spoiling your car.

Your car is insured

With American Auto Shipping, your car travel insured in transit. We are tied up with more than 7,000 truck partners who offer reliable and trustworthy services. Our partners have the cargo insurance policy covering the factory-installed parts of the car – that is, the car in its original form when it was bought.  When you have us as your auto shipper, you can relax because the chances of damage to your car during auto shipping are minimal. However, if there is any damage and you need to settle a claim against the trucking company, ASG offers all support possible to ensure speedy repair of the car.

You are working with A+ rated auto shipper from BBB

American Auto Shipping has been a firm believer in following industry best practices. The online reviews from our customers speak volumes about our service quality. Additionally, the Best Business Bureau has rated as an A+ company proof of our par-excellence auto shipping services.

The next time you need to auto-ship your car, speak to our shipping consultants.

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