Classic Car Shipping

Have a vintage car that you wish to ship from one location to another? If yes, look for people specialized in classic car shipping. Your royal premium car needs the best care in transit. Let us tell you that not every auto shipping company has the skills or the tools to handle the ultra-precious cars in your fleet.

The American Auto Shipping (ASG) is one of the very few auto shippers in the country with more than twenty years of experience in shipping classic and vintage cars.

Enclosed Auto Transport is the Right Solution

While, as the car owner, you can go ahead with the cheaper open auto transport method, we always suggest the enclosed method to our customers. We tell our customers that their vehicle is unique and premium; therefore, it needs the best possible care and handling while being shipped. Enclosed auto transportation offers impeccable standards that safeguard your vehicle from damaging environmental factors.

ASG Is Known for Its Expertise in Classic Car Shipping

We have worked hard to create a name for ourselves in the industry. Today, we are acknowledged as experts by our peers. Not just that, we have been receiving commendable reviews from our customers over the years that re-affirm our pride and work quality. We are also part of the Best Business Bureau and have an A+ rating from our customers. We know exactly how to handle your classic car; so, when you appoint as your auto shipper, you can relax because the best people are at work here.

Reliable Door to Door Transportation of Your Classic Car

As an auto shipper with a proven track record, we will tell you that it is the trusted door-to-door transportation option that works best for your classic car. We inspect your car and you to ensure fairness as part of our standard operating procedure. The detailed condition of the car is noted down in the Bill of Lading to prevent distrust and ambiguity.

The American Auto Shipping can auto-ship all types of cars and vehicles – all you need to do is get in touch with us!

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