Enclosed Car Shipping and Auto Transport Service

Conventionally, enclosed car shipping is advised for auto shipping premium, high-end, and luxury car models. It is even ideal for classic and antique car models. However, if you speak to us, American Auto Shipping, we would advise this form of shipping even for your daily use car, SUVs, sports car models, and others. Why? Because with enclosed shipping, there is failsafe security that never comes with open auto transportation.  Your valuable car is safe from elements on the road at all costs,   be it artificial or natural.

We deal in both types of enclosed car shipping and vehicle moving service

Enclosed car shipping is available in two forms – soft and hard sides enclosed shipping. The former, as the name entails, trailors that have sides made from canvas or other robust fabrics that are tear-resistant. You can choose this style of enclosed shipping if your car belongs to a medium or low-range automobile. There is peace of mind that your vehicle will not be harmed by hurling gravel or the UV rays of the sun. The other – the hard type is used more popularly for high-end cars like Mercs and Range Rovers. The sides of the trailers are made from solid metal that prevents all kinds of elements from coming closer to your precious car.

We also offer stacked versus non-stacked trailers for enclosed shipping

You get to choose between the stacked trailer where your car shares the space with other automobiles and the non-stacked model where your car is the sole vehicle inside the trailer. The latter costs more than the former, and we inform the customer about the pros and cons of both forms to help them make informed decisions. Our dealings are all transparent with our customers for the well-being of their vehicles.

The holistic car shipping company in California

Three decades of service experience; 15 million miles covered; more than ten thousand vehicles transported; and 7000+ truck partners. Not just that, every customer has a dedicated shipping consultant who is there to answer your queries and ensure speedy pickup and deliveries of your car.

Auto-shipping with us is a hassle-free journey for your car!

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