Bakersfield to Montana Auto Transport

The Auto Transport Process: What to Do When Preparing Your Motorcycle For Shipping

Replace the battery and make sure the gas tank is empty

Most shippers will ask you to empty your gas tank, leaving just a tiny quantity of gas in it, so that the shippers can drive it onto and off the truck while vehicle transport to and from Bakersfield. The same is true for your motorbike, except that you don’t need to leave any petrol in your tank since the vehicle may be operated without turning it on. This will prevent the gas or battery from being exposed to high temperatures or other circumstances, which might cause harm to the motorbike during auto transport to and from Bakersfield.

Check for fluid leaks and properly inflate tires.

One of the top things to check before auto transport to and from Bakersfield is that the tires are properly filled and that the vehicle is free of fluid leaks. Before moving the motorbike, do a brief inspection to ensure that it is completely functional and that all components are in working condition. Before vehicle transport to and from Bakersfield, make a note of any issues and see a skilled motorcycle mechanic.

Take pictures of the motorbike.

This is a crucial step in the procedure, particularly if you’re doing auto transport to and from Bakersfield. Should something go wrong during vehicle transport to and from Bakersfield, the collected images will be useful documentation of the motorcycle’s condition before you sent it, for insurance reasons and for record-keeping reasons. In the event that anything goes missing from the container during the relocation, you should photograph the container in which the motorbike is being delivered, as well as everything that will be placed within it. To learn more info about vehicle transport, do not hesitate and contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.