Car Shipping Atlanta to Illinois

What Is Best For Your Car: Enclosed Or Open Transport?

 When planning for auto shipping to and from Atlanta, you have to consider what type of approach will suit your vehicle. It is essential for you to know what kind of vehicle transport to and from Atlanta service will be progressive and successful. To make it easy to select the best carrier for your type of transport, we listed the pros below:

Open Car Carrier Transport

Open bearer is the most inexpensive type of auto shipping to and from Atlanta. When using an open carrier, even though it is open to any elements, it is still a safe approach because damages are rare to happen during transport process. This is also the most flexible type of method for you since its process is fast as well as the delivery and pick-up of vehicles. Try to find a company that has the ability to start an insurance claim on your behalf at any time, and that will always cover any potential damages. This way, you can guarantee that open vehicle transport to and from Atlanta is an affordable and viable option.

Enclosed Car Carrier Transport

Enclosed auto shipping to and from Atlanta is generally used for classic or recently painted luxury cars. The cost for this method of transport is about 60% higher than the cost of an open car carrier method. Many enclosed carriers are equipped with special equipment that can safely manage vehicles with low ground clearance. This method keeps the car in an enclosed trailer and this means that there is virtually no risk of any rocks or debris hitting your car itself because the trailer will be protecting it all throughout the vehicle transport to and from Atlanta process. To help you with choosing what is best for you as well as for your vehicle with all factors considered. Call Auto Shipping California now at 800-901-6452.