Car Shipping Denver to Mississippi

The Process Of Loading And Unloading Vehicles To Transport

When you book an auto transport to and from Denver order, the main concerns people have are how much does it cost to ship their car, how soon can it be picked up and how soon can it be delivered, all of which are valid questions. But they rarely know the effort that goes into car shipping to and from Denver.

Providing an auto transport to and from Denver service that is safe, quick, and damage-free is Auto Shipping California’s primary concern. How do we do this? The first step is loading your car onto the trailer. Getting the vehicles on and off the truck takes a lot of skill! Our drivers have only a few inches of margin on either side of the vehicle, and the bigger the auto, the less wiggle room they have. Slow and steady not only wins the race, but it’s also how we load and unload our loads after/before the car shipping to and from Denver process. Most of Auto Shipping California’s partnered carriers use double-decker trailers and haul up to 10 vehicles, depending on their size. The trailers are hydraulic and allow the driver to lower the upper and lower decks to load vehicles onto the trailer. They are also able to raise the upper deck once loaded to create space on the lower deck to fully load the truck.

Once onboard the trailer, we secure the vehicles to the truck. This is an industry safety standard. In the past, chaining a vehicle was standard operating procedure, but over the past few years, the auto transport industry has been moving to a soft strap. The main reason is having much less chance of damage to the vehicles using soft straps during auto transport to and from Denver. For more details about the car shipping to and from Denver process, visit or call Auto Shipping California at 800-901-6452.