Car Shipping Denver to Nevada

Questions You Might Ask When Inquiring For Auto Transport Services

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

The major determining factor in how long vehicle transport to and from Denver takes is the distance to be covered. Also, if either the pick-up or delivery point is not along a major shipping route it can affect how long transport will take. When you get an auto shipping to and from Denver quote it should include a forecasted time of delivery as well.

Who will be present at pickup and/or delivery?

You or your representative will have to be present at the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle if you are getting door-to-door vehicle transport to and from Denver service. This is in order to do a vehicle condition report when the car is picked up by the transporter and dropped off at its given destination. This will protect you and the shipper in case there is damage done to the vehicle during auto shipping to and from Denver.

Do you carry a DOT license?

Verify that the company is USDOT licensed and properly insured. A good and reputable company will have their licenses posted on their website or be directly linked to USDOT / FMCSA. You should also check the rating for their vehicle transport to and from Denver service at the Better Business Bureau. Look for third-party reviews from independent sources such as The easiest way to make sure that your company is credited is to check them out with the FMCSA. Simply ask for their MC number and make a phone call. For more details about auto shipping to and from Denver service providers, read the blogs posted at or call Auto Shipping California at 800-901-6452 for assistance.