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Auto Transport Tips: Shipping An Inoperable Classic Car

Most companies understand that many classic cars are being shipped to a restoration shop to be worked on or repaired, but having the vehicle run will help save you money and keep your options open with the type of auto transport company you can ship with keeping the classic auto transport to and from Chicago process easier and smoother. If the vintage car doesn’t run, but rolls, brakes, and steers then it may just result in a small fee. If the car doesn’t roll, brake, or steer, then that will complicate the classic car shipping to and from Chicago process substantially. At Auto Shipping California, we have no problem shipping classic cars that do not run since we are fully equipped for that.

Shipping a classic car that does not run is a common problem that can add costs and complexity to the auto transport to and from Chicago procedure. Many classic cars are still original and need a tune-up, or might be under restoration, or be a project waiting for someone to start working. Our guide helps you understand the process of a classic car shipping to and from Chicago to help you save time when finding the right auto shipping company for a non-running vehicle.

My classic car does not run, but rolls brakes, and steers?

One of the first questions auto transport companies ask is if your vehicle runs or not? If the answer is no, they’ll often ask does it roll, brake, and steer? If your vintage car rolls, brake, and steer, then you can typically ship with any transport company, open or enclosed auto transport to and from Chicago, without a problem. Many companies will add a non-run fee to the cost to ship your car that is typically a few hundred dollars for the extra work of shipping a non-running vehicle. If your car does not roll, brake, and/or steer, then that complicates the process a little more. If you wish to know more about classic car shipping to and from Chicago, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-901-6452, or connect with us by visiting our online interface at