Chicago to Indiana Auto Shipping

Guidelines: What To Do If Your Car Gets Damaged After The Shipping Process

It would be the worst nightmare for car owners to see that their vehicles have been damaged during the auto transport to and from Chicago process. While the chances of this happening are not that great, it can, and the owner needs to know what to do in the aftermath of such an unfortunate event. Below are some tips to do after you receive your car that has undergone a car shipping to and from Chicago procedure.

What to do beforehand

Seek for a company that has insurance for their auto transport to and from Chicago service. Know how their insurance will cover your car in the event of damages. See if the shipper allocates responsibilities for you to fulfill before shipping the car, such as draining the gas tank and leaving only a small amount of gas behind. Do what is required of you, document it in writing and take photographs. All of these things will help your car shipping to and from Chicago process smoother and secure.

What to do when you receive the vehicle

Once your car is conveyed to you after the auto transport to and from Chicago process, immediately check it before signing off on any documentation such as a delivery note or bill of lading. Inspect the car thoroughly and take your time doing so. The moment you see that there is damage, take photographs and point it out to the shipping company representative who is attending to you and hopefully give you a Vehicle Condition Report for you to sign. Once you have the necessary documentation given by the company’s agent and you have taken possession of your vehicle, approach the offices of the shipping company to initiate an insurance claim for repairs. To know more about this topic related to car shipping to and from Chicago, feel free to ask Auto Shipping California by calling their hotline number 800-901-6452.