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There are more than 144,000 residents of Escondido, one of San Diego County’s oldest communities, in its immediate area. Residents over the age of 16 make up more than half of the workforce, with the majority working in education, health care, and social services. This area of town is teeming with eateries, art galleries, lounges, and small gourmet cafes. Downtown has a huge hotrod and classic car showcase throughout the spring and early fall, allowing people to show off their vehicles to the general public. The Cruisin’ Grand is a weekly event that takes place on Friday nights. In recent years, it’s become a popular Friday night activity for students and staff alike. An evening DJ plays music throughout the night, children’s adventure contests are held, and several motor vehicle events award prizes to the winners. Local public parks, playgrounds and jogging routes, as well as swimming pools and camping areas, may be found in the park.

Cost & Time To Transport Vehicle To / From Escondido

Shipping To/From Cost Distance Estimated Time In Transit
Escondido to Phoenix $376 376 miles 2 – 4 days
Escondido to San Francisco $484 484 miles 2 – 4 days
Escondido to Portland $639 1065 miles 4 – 6 days
Dallas to Escondido $802 1337 miles 4 – 6 days
Memphis to Escondido $1077 1796 miles 5 – 7 days

Top Rated Escondido Auto Shipping Companies Near Me

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Escondido, California Auto Shipping

Escondido, located 30 miles northeast of San Diego, is the best little town you’ve probably didn’t know of. Visitors have traditionally flocked to San Diego Zoo Safari Park (a sister property to the world-renowned downtown zoo) and Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens, one of the country’s largest craft breweries. Those two attractions, however, are just the tip of the iceberg in this diverse city on the rise. Escondido, founded in 1888, has an Old West feel to it, which is reflected in its historic downtown architecture, as well as a vibrant arts scene. The California Center for the Arts, a visual and performing arts complex with a concert hall, theatre, and contemporary art museum, is a lively cultural hub, and numerous galleries around town feature work by local and international artists.

Escondido’s food scene is equally enthralling. Newer spots like The Wooden Spoon (try the Banh Mi sandwich) and Burger Bench are serving up innovative fare using locally sourced ingredients, in addition to existing eateries like Vintana Wine + Dine (located above a Lexus dealership—but it works) and Bellamy’s Restaurant. There are plenty of options to quench the thirst for good craft beer. At Stone Brewing HQ, there are hundreds of beers on tap, and the tap rooms at Jacked Up Brewery (known for its killer porter) and Plan 9 Alehouse are two famous hangouts.

When relocating to or from Escondido, California, you must carefully plan your step. You will find home goods moving solutions for personal belongings, household goods, and furniture, but when it comes to transporting your vehicle, you should look for one of the best auto transport services in Escondido. Auto Shipping California is recognized for not only being skilled at what they do, but also for providing high-quality, low-cost services.

Auto Shipping California, an Escondido shipping company, is known for providing high-quality auto transportation services. We have a large network of service and trucking providers that allow us to reach a wide range of customers. You do not need to be worried about the quality of our work or the expense of our services. We take pride in providing the best auto transport services in Escondido to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of variables that affect the cost of shipping a car to Escondido. Our online quote calculator can help you receive an exact estimate for your Escondido, California, car transport.

Your car and its trunk must be completely empty of any personal items. Because of this, there are a number of causes. An auto carrier cannot transport “personal items” in a vehicle. This is because the Department of Transportation does not allow it. The second issue is that the carrier’s insurance does not cover personal things. Finally, each truck has a weight limit that it must adhere to. The extra weight of a customer’s personal belongings can put the carrier’s shipping truck beyond its weight limit, resulting in delays. When your vehicle is picked up or left off for transport, please do not bring any personal things into the vehicle.

Yes, we do demand that either you or a designated party be present when your vehicle is picked up. Your signature is required on the “bill of loading” once the car has been loaded for shipping. Before the pick-up date, please phone our office to confirm that an alternate party will be in charge of your vehicle if you are unable to be there. But if you make any changes to your delivery or pickup location after you’ve placed your purchase, additional fees may apply.

You will be contacted by phone within 12 to 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up or delivery time in order to ensure a convenient time for you. This phone call will tell you the approximate time that our transportation driver will arrive at your location. The customer service representative will contact the customer to request an updated time for pick-up or delivery if there are any scheduling issues.