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Folsom is a historic city with a plethora of historical landmarks and attractions. Upon completion in 1880, the Folsom State Prison, which was made famous by a Johnny Cash song, became the state’s second prison and the state’s second jail. Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park is a historical landmark whose hydroelectric powerhouse was built in 1895 and was in service until 1952, when it began supplying electricity to the city of Sacramento.

The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is not your typical “mainstream” zoo; rather, it is more of an animal sanctuary that happens to be open to the general public on occasion. Many of its animals were raised as wild pets but were later discarded by their owners. Others were orphaned or injured while out in the wild. All of the animals have names and personalities, and their particular stories, as well as information about their species, are displayed at the exhibits for visitors to read.

Cost & Time To Transport Vehicle To / From Folsom

Shipping To/From Cost Distance Estimated Time In Transit
Folsom to San Jose $84 140 miles 1 – 2 days
Folsom to Portland $361 602 miles 3 – 5 days
Folsom to Phoenix $466 777 miles 3 – 5 days
Atlanta to Folsom $1501 2504 miles 7 – 9 days
Memphis to Folsom $1251 2103 miles 6 – 8 days

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A large number of customers who require a vehicle to be transported are searching for a vehicle shipping firm for the first time, which might be challenging. It is likely that you have already discovered one of the most effective methods for finding a shipper in your area: conducting an internet search. In order to locate a local auto mover, it’s best to search for terms that include either the city from which the shipment is being shipped, or the city from which the shipment is being shipped.

If you require any additional services such as storage or door-to-door transportation, finding a local option can make the process much simpler. If you need to send an automobile across the country, this may not be an option in some situations, especially if you are dealing with major national car carriers whose area includes the entire country. The local phone book (yes, they are still in print) is another smart place to start your search. Because vehicle dealerships and real estate brokers are experts who have regular interaction with car shippers, they are excellent sources of information and recommendations.

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Folsom is a California city in Sacramento County, about 22 miles northeast of Sacramento, the state capital. The city is surrounded by a vast network of regional freeways, including Interstate I-80 and U.S. Route 50. Loomis (to the north), Carmichael (to the west), Rancho Cordova (to the southwest), and El Dorado Hills are all close by (to the east).

Folsom is home to many historic sites and attractions. The Folsom State Jail, made famous by a Johnny Cash song, was built in 1880 and became the state’s second prison. Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park is a historical site where a hydroelectric powerhouse first provided electricity to Sacramento in 1895 and remained operational until 1952. The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is more like an animal sanctuary that happens to be open to the public than a “mainstream” zoo. Many of the animals were raised as wild pets and then abandoned. Others were orphaned or injured when out in the wild. Their individual stories and facts about their species are posted at the exhibits, and they all have names and personalities. The Folsom History Museum is located in a replica of the Wells Fargo & Company Assay Office, which was constructed in 1860 by Folsom Wells Fargo agents. The Folsom Dam, which was built nonstop from 1948 to 1956, is one of Folsom’s most fascinating and underappreciated attractions. The annual Folsom Rodeo is one of the city’s most cherished traditions.

If you’re moving to Folsom for the beautiful scenery, employment opportunities, or a temporary job opportunity, you’ll need inexpensive auto transport in Folsom from a reputable Folsom auto shipping company. Fortunately, there are several options. Begin the process by obtaining vehicle transport to Folsom quotes from a company that has received positive reviews from previous customers. Choose a company for Vehicle Transport Folsom that best suits your budget and exceeds your expectations for high-quality Auto Moving Folsom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, open transit is the most popular mode of car shipment. Generally speaking, there are two types of open-air transports. Typically, larger 8-10 vehicle carriers are used to complete the majority of the shipments. Smaller carriers, which can accommodate 2-3 automobiles, are used for shorter, more local relocations. Because open-air carriers are utilized more frequently than enclosed carriers, there is typically more availability for them. When transporting antique, expensive, or exotic automobiles, we recommend that you use enclosed shipping solutions instead. Enclosed carriers provide the best possible protection against exposure to any open-air elements encountered on the road. We recommend that you book your enclosed transportation well in advance because to the restricted number of carriers.
Yes, we send dozens of cars from salvage auctions and other sorts of auto auctions every week. There will be different requirements for releasing a vehicle at each auction, and we will obtain all of the relevant information from you at the time of booking. Please ensure that the vehicle has been paid in full and is ready to be released from the auction. Remember that if a car is booked as operational but turns out to be inoperable, there will be an additional expense, and the original trucker may not be able to accept an unusable vehicle, so plan ahead of time.
All shipments are covered by basic liability insurance while in transit. Comprehensive insurance options are offered for customers who want a high level of package protection while in transit. During the booking process, you will have the option of selecting a level of coverage. Please contact us if you have any additional questions about your insurance alternatives.