Los Angeles, California Auto Shipping

Welcome to California’s largest city, with its bright lights and big-city allure. A-list celebrities can be seen walking down the streets with triple-shot machiattos in one hand and cell phones in the other. While staying on a network of freeways that crisscross the region allows travelers to bypass much of the city, they miss out on L.A.’s hidden gems. Off the beaten path, you’ll find inviting neighborhoods, incredible museums, and shopping hot spots. When the sun goes down, L.A. comes alive again, with clubs thumping to the beat of the latest indie band and a flock of starlets swaying in the front row. Searchlights arc through the night sky, announcing the latest silver-screen premiere, while slinky-sexy crowds flock to rooftop restaurants, bars, and pools.

Los Angeles took a little longer than the rest of California to fully embrace the craft beer revolution. It has now jumped on board in a big way, with hip taprooms popping up all over the region.Began in East Los Angeles at Eagle Rock Brewery, which opened in 2009 and is considered the city’s first major player. It’s also opened a neighborhood-style location on Colorado Blvd., serving signature beers like Stimulus Coffee Belgian Amber and Manifesto Witbier, as well as some surprisingly sophisticated dishes (pork cheeks with pearl onions and celeriac; Cornish hen with potato, radish, and nettle chimichurri).

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