Los Angeles to Colorado Auto Shipping

Top Answers For The Most Popular Questions About Vehicle Transport

Our Responses to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Services

Are you considering hiring a specialist auto transport to and from Los Angeles company to ship your vehicle? If this is your first time, you most likely have a lot of questions. We at Auto Shipping California have answers to the most commonly asked questions about auto shipping to and from Los Angeles services to help you understand what’s ahead of you and make your final decision.

Where are you going to pick up my car?

The response to this question is contingent on the type of auto transport to and from Los Angeles service you choose. The majority of other companies have terminal to terminal and door to door facilities. If you want door to door auto shipping to and from Los Angeles, we will come to your home and pick up your vehicle. That is to say, you will not be needed to transport it. Auto carriers, on the other hand, are wide and will have difficulty reaching your vehicle if it is situated on a narrow street. If that’s the case, we’ll ask you to drive it to a nearby parking lot or other open area where we can pick it up.

Is it possible to ship an inoperable vehicle?

Of course, all you have to do is notify your auto transport to and from Los Angeles provider ahead of time that the vehicle isn’t running. However, you should be aware that you will be charged a small fee because certain vehicles are more difficult to load onto a moving carrier than those that you can drive. This necessitates the use of specialized equipment, which adds to the auto shipping to and from Los Angeles expense. Check with your car transporters to find out how high the fee is.