Los Angeles to Hawaii Auto Shipping

Secrets To Transporting Your Motorcycle To Hawaii In Safety

Before auto shipping to and from Los Angeles, clean your motorcycle and make a note of any existing losses. Take pictures for added protection. Remove all personal things from the baskets and under-seat storage on your bicycle. If your bike has an alarm, turn it off so it doesn’t go off while vehicle shipping to and from Los Angeles. Check to see if your tires are fully inflated. Keep an eye out for fuel or fluid leaks. To comply with US DOT regulations, fluids need to be drained from the motorcycle, the battery disconnected, and the battery terminal cables secured to avoid electrical contact.

Drain the gas tank and detach the battery if you’re having your motorcycle shipped in a box. Lock the handlebars and fold in the side mirrors. For larger motorcycles, the windshield and mirrors will need to be lowered or removed, and in some situations, the handlebars may need to be lowered as well, as they can easily be damaged during auto shipping to and from Los Angeles. When vehicle shipping to and from Los Angeles, keep the vehicle in neutral. Since an engaged transmission can cause internal harm, you should never ship a motorcycle while it is in gear.

Pricing for Motorcycle Transportation

Our transporters are fully insured, and the rates at Auto Shipping California are all-inclusive. ASC representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have and to address the cost of your auto shipping to and from Los Angeles requirements. You can also get a free, no-obligation quote online. Our primary mission is to offer the best vehicle shipping to and from Los Angeles services to our customers. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to providing the greatest customer service to ensure maximum client satisfaction.