National City to Missouri Auto Transport

Important Information Regarding Military Vehicle Transportation

It should be noted that not all companies that provide military car shipping to and from National City will ship certain military vehicles. We, at Auto Shipping California, are equipped to handle them. If you’re transporting a military vehicle, be sure to fill out our online, instant auto transport to and from National City quote form before you begin. You’ll receive a quote right away, with no hassles or delays. You can also reach out to us toll-free on the phone to receive a quote from one of our customer service representatives. A surprising number of people are interested in old military jeeps, and we’ve received inquiries about transporting decommissioned tanks and other military vehicles. While not everyone is able to ship a tank that has been deactivated, some are.

The United States military has its own preferred shippers, but if you’re shipping something from an army surplus store or something similar, we will make every effort to meet your car shipping to and from National City needs. No matter if it’s an old World War II-era army jeep or something else, such as an armored personnel carrier or something, we’ll do everything we can to meet your auto transport to and from National City needs.

Some of the military’s older vehicles may not fit on a standard carrier used for car shipping, so if your representative tells you that you need a flatbed auto shipper, expect to pay a little more for that service as well. If your vehicle is either too heavy or too large to be transported on a regular truck, a flatbed carrier will be required. Regardless of how difficult the situation may be, we at Auto Shipping California will always do everything in our power to meet our clients’ car shipping needs. However, if it is truly impossible for us to complete the task, we will be forthright about it. As a result, we recommend that anyone interested in booking with us first speak with one of our agents so that you are fully informed about your car shipping to and from National City options. If you are interested in learning more essential information about auto transport to and from National City services, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.