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Looking for information on transporting a car to or from Newport Beach or Orange County? Look no further. There are a number of useful recommendations for working with auto shipping businesses on this page, as well as some further resources for more information and a list of local companies that transport vehicles in the area. Our customer service professionals are available to answer any queries you may have at the phone number listed at the bottom of this webpage.


Cost & Time To Transport Vehicle To / From Newport Beach

Shipping To/From              Cost   Distance Estimated Time In Transit
Newport Beach to Las Vegas $166 276 miles 2 – 4 days
Newport Beach to Salt Lake City $416 694 miles 3 – 5 days
Albuquerque to Newport Beach $470 783 miles 3 – 5 days
Dallas to Newport Beach $858 1431 miles 4 – 6 days
Newport Beach to Washington, D.C. $1599 2665 miles 7 – 9 days


Top-Rated Newport Beach Auto Shipping Companies Near Me

Using a car shipping service means you won’t have to worry about putting any additional miles on your vehicle. If you are using an auto transporter instead of a towing service, you will be loading your vehicle onto a transport carrier, which can be either an open or enclosed carrier depending on your preferences as a customer. The vehicle is then strapped on the carrier and transported to its final destination in the same condition as when it was picked up by you. Delivery at the customer’s door and temporary storage are two more choices when moving an automobile across the country.

Newport Beach, California Auto Shipping

In Newport Beach, one can see oceanfront mansions and a yacht-lined harbor if you look in the right direction. Look in another direction, and you’ll find historic cottages, dive bars, and a friendly ice cream debate. Newport Beach offers both luxury and beach-town delights with its combination of high-end living and world-class surfing waves.

This coastal town, like any glamorous symbol of a certain era, has changed its identity a few times over the years. In the 1830s, Newport Beach was known as Bolsa de San Joaquin, and it was owned by a settler who preferred livestock to seafaring: he had 14,000 head of cattle and 3,000 horses, but no vessels. The community’s name was changed twice over the next century, first to Newport in the 1870s, when merchant shipping was the main industry, and then to Newport Beach in 1902. Following that, the town began to draw visitors and Hollywood celebrities like Shirley Temple (who was crowned Miss Newport Beach at the age of 13), James Cagney (who is said to have won Collins Island in a poker game), and John Wayne, who settled here permanently in the early 1960s.

The harbor, which consists of two bodies of water, remains the city’s heart and soul. There’s Upper Newport Bay, a 10-mile loop trail surrounded by an ecological reserve that draws birders, joggers, equestrians, and cyclists. Meanwhile, the four-mile-long Lower Newport Bay has lovely shops and restaurants, especially in Cannery Village, Balboa Island, and the Balboa Peninsula, which is home to the Balboa Fun Zone amusement park.

Because of the mild and warm winters, many people from the north prefer Newport Beach as a retirement destination or as a seasonal residence. If you’re retiring to Newport Beach and need to find a dependable auto shipping company for auto shipping to and from Newport Beach, Auto Shipping California will help. We offer auto transport to and from Newport Beach at any time of year. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free auto transport to Newport Beach quote if you need enclosed auto shipping for that rare or collectors’ car or open carrier transport to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer to work with at least a week’s notice, but if your vehicle is ready to go, we can begin looking as soon as tomorrow!
Clean both the inside and outside of your vehicle, and take a picture of it. All personal belongings, with the exception of factory hardware, are prohibited. Removing and securing any loose elements of the car is essential. Although theft occurs infrequently during transportation, extra caution is advised to avoid loss. A vehicle’s fuel tank may be only one-fourth (1/4) of the way full. Your vehicle must be in functional condition, and you must ensure that the auto transporter has access to your keys. Check the radiator, battery, and tires to ensure they are in good working order. Alarms and anti-theft devices should be turned off.
We receive a high volume of requests for our automobiles within the first few days of their availability. The best thing to do is to go through the specifics of your particular transportation with our team, who can provide you with guidance on what to expect for your route and your particular car.
An automobile can be shipped for the cheapest price using enclosed transportation. Open transport is around 40% less expensive than enclosed transportation. Open transport is used to move over 97% of all cars, which is a rather safe kind of transportation.
The answer is yes — Auto Shipping California has decades of experience shipping non-running or inoperable automobiles. Our Experts can transport any sort of non-running vehicle, even motorcycles. Even when your vehicle is unable to move, it must roll, steer, and brake smoothly to function properly. Make certain that our transportation specialist is aware that your vehicle is not operating properly.
We provide door-to-door service as long as our vehicles are physically able to reach the area you specify on our order form. Because of unforeseen circumstances (low-hanging branches, weight restrictions, etc.), our driver will contact you personally to arrange a comfortable meeting site, such as the parking lot of your local grocery store or other nearby location.