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 How Do You Properly And Securely Ship An Exotic Vehicle?

Exotic auto transport to and from Palmdale is something we’ve gotten a lot better at over the course of our 35 years in the business. When transporting a high-end car such as a Ferrari, McLaren, or Porsche, owners should take extra precautions and ask specific questions regarding the carrier they’ve chosen. Is the vehicle going to be appropriately protected during the car shipping to and from Palmdale process? Do you plan to keep the interior and exterior of the building immaculate? It’s important to know if the car will be safe from the elements. We’ll go through all of this and more in this article, so you’ll be prepared to ship your exotic car with confidence.

How to Ship an Exotic Car with Its Exterior Safe and Undamaged

In order to keep your exotic car safe during auto transport to and from Palmdale, you must use appropriate security measures. Inclement weather, dirt, and other road debris can harm cars traveling in open car carriers. Because the car is enclosed in a trailer, these potential causes of harm are eliminated. Extra protection is provided for exotic vehicles in transit by covering them with fabric covers and then an extra plastic covering to keep them safe from the elements while in enclosed car shipping to and from Palmdale. Vehicles are safeguarded from the following hazards when shipped in an enclosed container:

  • Weather that isn’t ideal.
  • Dust and other garbage
  • The trailer’s textile and plastic coverings provide further security.

A hydraulic liftgate has numerous advantages.

Using ladders and driving the car onto the trailer, or using a hydraulic liftgate, are the two methods for loading vehicles onto trucks. Liftgates are standard on all of our trailers here at Auto Shipping California. Hydraulic liftgates are essential for car shipping to and from Palmdale for good reasons.

The advantage of transporting goods with hydraulic liftgates:

  • Keeping the clutch on the car from being worn out.
  • Using ramps and an untrained driver to load a car might cause additional wear on the clutch.
  • Liftgates that use hydraulics save the vehicle’s clutches from unneeded wear and tear .

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