Richmond to North Carolina Auto Transport

Determine The Insurance Coverage Provided By The Shipping Company With Which You Are Partnering

Some auto transportation businesses have tarnished the reputation of the industry, which is unfortunate. Reliable organizations such as Auto Shipping California and others that seek to provide outstanding auto shipping to and from Richmond services are affected by this. Auto transport insurance is often a source of anxiety for drivers. As a legally approved auto shipping company, we are mandated by the federal government to maintain liability and cargo insurance coverage. In other words, the truck’s insurance should cover any damages that occur throughout the transportation process. Before we book your automobile with a company that works with us, we verify that they have the necessary insurance coverage. Your investment should be protected when you collaborate with a vehicle transport to and from Richmond firm, regardless of the size of your business. Here’s how you can go about doing that.


Auto transport firms must have current insurance certificates on hand, and they must be willing to show them to you upon request. This is an excellent moment to inquire about the level of insurance they provide for their auto shipping to and from Richmond services, if applicable. Check with your insurance company to see if certain parts or the complete vehicle are covered and whether you will be required to pay a deductible. This will assist you in determining whether or not your vehicle is insured during the vehicle transport to and from Richmond process.

You should double-check your own motor transport insurance policy.

You should check with your auto insurance provider to see if your policy covers your vehicle while auto shipping to and from Richmond, but don’t take this for granted. Instead, give your shipper a call and inquire as to whether this coverage is relevant. Learn what information they seek from you and how to obtain it. The insurance provided by your company will act as a form of protection for them. Contact one of the experts at Auto Shipping California if you require any extra information on insurance coverage for auto shipping services. If you are interested in learning more essential information about vehicle transport to and from Richmond services, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.