Sacramento to New Mexico Auto Transport

Always Double-Check With Legal Authorities With Broker’s Position

Fake Brokers’ Telltale Signs

The very first thing I’d want to warn you is to ignore any letters claiming that we have a truck in your region now that we have a driver for you in order to get you to agree and end all conversations with other car shipping to and from Sacramento service providers; these are all falsehoods. Simply put, they say anything you want to hear. They were all taught this dirty manner of conducting sales since most of the persons texting you have no license for auto shipping to and from Sacramento.

Fake brokers are, first and foremost, salesmen. All they care about is making a profit. If they book you and locate a driver instantly after putting your car shipping to and from Sacramento order on the national load board, you’ll never know they’re bluffing; but, if they don’t do so within 24 hours, you’ve fallen for their deception. The usual turnaround time for finding a driver is 3-5 days. Sure, there may be a truck in your neighborhood, but they aren’t aware of it right now. Wouldn’t it make sense to mention so if we’re all using the same drivers and load board? If we bluffed, we’d book a lot more auto shipping to and from Sacramento orders, but we don’t want to operate our company that way.

Car shipping to and from Sacramento firms who make misleading claims drive honest firms out of business, such as Auto Shipping California. But why is that? Because after a consumer has committed to them, even if they discover they have been duped, they are unlikely to cancel after you have made a reservation with them. Always verify with the USDOT for your broker and use a reputable auto shipping to and from Sacramento company like ASC. To learn more info about vehicle transport, do not hesitate and contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.