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Auto Shipping California Advice: How To Avoid Complications While Transporting A Car

Inquire whether your items can be shipped.

All trucking companies, including ours, are subject to strict weight restrictions that limit the amount of cargo they can transport in a single load. When a customer adds objects to a vehicle before auto shipping to and from San Diego, the weight of the vehicle increases. Because of this, many businesses charge an extra fee for crowded cars. To stop these charges while shipping a vehicle, contact the shipper and inquire about their policies. Some companies charge a fee if you pack more than 100 pounds of goods, while others may have tighter guidelines. When a customer loads a vehicle with more than 100 pounds of product, most businesses charge a packing fee. You can save money while auto transport to and from San Diego if you follow these policies.

Request for a Personal Meeting Consult your shipper

Auto transporters normally transport many cars at once, usually five vehicles for enclosed auto shipping to and from San Diego. Typically, these vehicles are picked up from various locations and shipped to various locations. Owing to the expense of the vehicles and fuel used when auto transport to and from San Diego, a truck driver’s travel is very costly per mile. Requesting to meet your transporter saves the carrier and the company you work for money, which they can then pass on to you in the form of a discount.

Our team at Auto Shipping California strives to be open and honest with customers about any fees and to work with them to get the best price for their auto shipping to and from San Diego order. To learn more about auto transport to and from San Diego, visit or contact the agents of Auto Shipping California.