San Diego to Minnesota Auto Shipping

How The Bill Of Lading Grants You The Right For A Refund

With the auto carrier’s bill of lading, you have the right to claim a refund whether the auto transport to and from San Diego service is delivered improperly or not at all. If there is no evidence of the fact that the damage was acquired during auto shipping to and from San Diego, the lack of a record deprives any privileges.

Today’s usage of the bill of lading form for auto transport

Auto transport to and from San Diego service providers use a bill of lading, which lists the items being shipped, their features, and the number of automobiles. This is the paperwork that the client signatures before the car is sent to them. All parties obtain a copy verifying distribution and guaranteeing that all commitments are met. This is a legal document provided by the auto shipping to and from San Diego business, that allows you to identify the automobile being shipped. Its duties are the same as every other bill of lading. Please keep in mind that signing the auto transport bill of lading form is only needed after a thorough inspection of the car.

Protection when transporting your vehicle

You get insurance for free when you use our auto shipping to and from San Diego service. This is a requirement when working with carriers, since it ensures that the responsibilities are met to a high standard. We assist with automotive and motorcycle insurance to render vehicle transportation options as convenient as practical. Do you have any more questions? Then take advantage of a free evaluation with actual experts. Our agents at Auto Shipping California are always reachable and happy to assist you with any auto transport to and from San Diego questions you might have. To learn more about vehicle transport, visit or contact the agents of Auto Shipping California.