San Diego to New York Auto Shipping

Here Are Two Types Of Businesses In The Auto Transport Industry

When you search for auto shipping to and from San Diego businesses on the internet, you’ll normally come across two kinds of shippers: the transporter and the broker. What you’re searching for in an auto shipper can determine which one is right for your needs in auto transport to and from San Diego. Each company has advantages and disadvantages, but with a little testing, you should be able to determine which is the right match for you.

Brokers in Automobile Transport

A broker serves as a connection between the client and the shipper. The main advantage of having a broker is that you can select from a variety of auto shipping to and from San Diego. When you fill out the form on a broker’s website, they can sell your auto transport to and from San Diego order to their network of carriers. Moreover, they can quickly find the shipper that specifically drives on your route.They make finding shippers easy.

Carriers Direct

Direct haulers are normally either corporations with their own fleet of vehicles or individual operators with their own trailers. Partnering with a transporter has the advantage of negotiating with the same business from start to finish on your auto shipping to and from San Diego. Another advantage is that, more frequently than not, contact with a transporter is improved. You’ll have a clearer line of contact, because you’ll know right away who has your car. You’ll know who to contact if there’s a dispute or if you have a concern about your auto transport to and from San Diego order. However, they are not 24/7 available to answer your call because they are driving, unlike a broker that has dedicated agents to answer customer queries.To learn more about vehicle transport, visit or contact the agents of Auto Shipping California.