San Jose to Washington DC Auto Shipping

A Handy Guide To Selecting The Right Mode Of Transportation For Your Automobile

When it comes to moving your car around the country, you have a few options. You have three options: drive the car yourself, hire someone to drive it for you, or use an auto transport to and from San Jose service. Many people opt for the third alternative because it is the most convenient and is typically equal in price to the other two. Here’s a short guide to vehicle shipping to and from San Jose if you’re interested.

Although auto transport companies can transport almost any form of vehicle to almost any place, there are a variety of ways they can do so. An open transporter is the cheapest alternative and the one that most people prefer. While this can result in a lower auto transport to and from San Jose cost, it also exposes your car to the elements while it is being shipped, increasing the risk of getting dirty. Enclosed vehicle shipping to and from San Jose, which transports the vehicle in a covered trailer and offers greater protection, is an option. While this is unquestionably the better choice, it could cost up to 50% more.

You can choose between a door-to-door auto transport to and from San Jose service or a drop-off and pick-up at a depot, in addition to the type of truck your car would be transported on. The delivery company will come and collect your car and deliver it to a given address at the other end, as you would expect for a door-to-door vehicle shipping to and from San Jose service. Keep in mind that most shipping companies’ large transporters can struggle to navigate narrow residential roads, so door to door typically means as near as they can get. To learn more about auto transport, please visit or call the representatives here at Auto Shipping California.