San Mateo, California Auto Shipping

San Mateo is a city in northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, about 20 miles south of San Francisco. It was established in 1894. San Mateo is connected to San Francisco (to the north), San Jose (to the south), and the East Bay through three major freeways (US 101, Interstate 280, and California state highway 92). (to the east). San Mateo is a residential and business community that is one of the largest in San Mateo County and one of only two with its own City Charter. San Mateo is known as the “Paris of the (San Francisco) Peninsula” because the Montara Mountain block of the Santa Cruz Mountain chain provides protection from the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a mild Mediterranean climate. The city (as well as the county in which it is located) is named after Saint Matthew in Spanish. This name was spelled “San Matheo” until about 1850.

San Mateo Area Arts, Culture, and Attractions

Outside of San Francisco, the San Mateo Performing Arts Center is one of the biggest theaters on the peninsula. San Mateo also has the following attractions: Coyote Point Museum, Bay Meadows horse racing track, San Mateo Arboretum, San Mateo Japanese Garden, Coyote Point Recreation Area, Horseshoe Cove, Hiller Aviation Museum, and Ice Center.

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