Santa Clara to Colorado Auto Transport

Never Pay For A Service That Hasn’t Been Completed Yet

To begin, make no deposit and do not keep a credit card on file until a driver has been booked and validated; you should be provided the driver’s name as well as confirmed pickup and delivery dates. Why should you pay a broker a deposit before your auto shipping to and from Santa Clara is scheduled? Commissions are charged only after a vehicle transport to and from Santa Clara order has been booked and completed, in this case, when the car has been shipped. Scammers and dodgy businesses will now design a number of techniques to draw you in and extract as much money as possible upfront before abandoning you. At all costs, stay away from these schemes!

One of the strategies employed nowadays to make it sound like it’s part of the auto shipping to and from Santa Clara industry is to rename the deposit or broker fee to more sophisticated terminology like consulting fee, paperwork, and processing fee, and many other imaginative titles. Agents can also provide you a document to sign that clears them in case you want to dispute the cost later. You are not paying for a consultation, processing fees, or paperwork; you are asking vehicle transport to and from Santa Clara, not data filing or consulting. This is a red flag that you should take notice of.

Another thing that terrible auto shipping to and from Santa Clara companies are known for is offering you a low rate and then upping it at the last minute to get you moving. Some companies will additionally include in their contracts that the cost will be determined later based on the driver’s “good faith,” with the sky being the final price cap. This is not a smart business practice; when you book auto transport and sign a contract, you should know exactly how much you will pay, and the amount should be indicated in the contract. The purpose of signing a contract is to certify that you are entering into an agreement with another person or company to pay a predetermined amount for services provided. This agreement would cover both the right to use the service and the capacity of the company to charge for the services provided. To learn more essential information about vehicle transport to and from Santa Clara services, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.