Santa Rosa to Baltimore Maryland Auto Shipping

Instructions For Transporting Your Motorcycle Safely To Hawaii

Before car shipping to and from Santa Rosa, thoroughly clean it and make a note of any existing damage. Take photographs as an extra layer of protection. Remove all personal belongings from the baskets and under-seat storage of your bicycle. Remove any alarms from your bike if you have them so that they don’t go off during auto transport to and from Santa Rosa. Make sure the tires are fully filled before driving off. Look for any signs of gasoline or fluid leaks. In some situations, fluids from the motorbike may need to be drained, the battery removed, and the battery terminal connections secured to prevent electrical contact in order to comply with U.S. Department of Transportation standards for motorcycles.

For motorcycles sent in crates, drain the petrol tank and remove the battery before packing them for auto transport to and from Santa Rosa. Fold in the side mirrors and lock the handlebars to prevent the bike from rolling. When transporting larger and larger bikes, it may be necessary to lower or remove the windshield and mirrors, and in certain circumstances, the handlebars should be lowered as well, because they can be easily damaged during the auto transportation process. When car shipping to and from Santa Rosa, make sure it is in neutral mode. It is never recommended to ship a motorbike while it is in gear, as an engaged transmission might cause internal damage to the motorcycle.

Estimates for Motorcycle Transportation

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