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Vehicle Shipping Guideline: You May Not Be Aware Of These Auto Transporter Facts

You’re driving along on the freeway. Suddenly, you see a double-decker transporter go by, piled high with gorgeous new cars on their way to an automobile dealership. Car transporter, vehicle shipper — they’re all striking! How does all of that metal get transported at once? It seems to defy the very laws of physics. Have you ever wondered how vehicle transport to and from Santa Rosa works? Or do you have questions about auto shipping to and from Santa Rosa in general? Either way, this blog’s definitely for you! Keep reading for a detailed lowdown on car transporters and how they work.

Vehicle transport to and from Santa Rosa companies are the ones responsible for moving vehicles from one spot to the other. You’re likely most familiar with the large open carriers which fill our highways. How many cars fit on a transporter? The answer to that query depends on the type of vehicle transporter we’re discussing. An open transporter can haul between 8 to 10 automobiles at a time, making them one of the most competent auto shipping to and from Santa Rosa methods out there. Besides open vehicle haulers, you may be astounded to learn there are also enclosed trucks.

Enclosed auto shipping to and from Santa Rosa service providers ease the movement of high-end vehicles such as racing cars, vintages, and collectibles. While you may think you’ve never seen one of these before, you most likely have one in traffic or during road trips. This is because enclosed carriers are hard to discern from other trucks on the road. Why? because their loads remain hidden on the roadway. If you wish to obtain additional information regarding vehicle transport to and from Santa Rosa services, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our dependable representatives here at Auto Shipping California by calling 800-901-6452.